LIFE CITY CHURCH is a place where you can CONNECT to God through worship and connect to others. GROW stronger in your faith through prayer, devotion, and the Word. As well as, SERVE those around us both within our walls and without. 



Formally known as Life Sanctuary, we recently changed our name to Life City Church. Why the name change?

The idea of this church was birthed in our spirit many years ago. God was dealing with us even before we really had a grasp of where He would take us or ask of us. Then, in September of 2013 God began to put things in order for this to happen. It wasn’t until the spring of 2014 that we accepted the challenge of God’s call to move our family to Weatherford and plant His church. 

Life Sanctuary was planted out of a desire to reach a city, a community that we were called to. As God began to build it by sending poeple, I prayed about the long term vision & mission for this church and its effort to reach this city. 

It was in the midst of personal prayer that God laid an identity on my heart for this church. That identity was to always point to our vision & mission that God placed upon my heart many years ago. As we are grateful and thankful for our beginning, I can’t help but feel the push of the Spirit to reach forward…not just slightly…but reaching into the full potential, vision & mission for this church. 

I have prayed about the possibility of change and asked God to direct me as I thought it through as it relates to what would we put along side Life. My mind constantly goes back to what I preached about in our “Created For” series. The church, specifically I feel our church is called to be a City set on a hill. I believe that is what our vision & mission is for this city. We are to be an impacting light for our entire community.

There are moments in the process of this journey where God clearly reminds us that it would be him that would build his Church. Our job was to make disciples, our job was to obey, our job was to plant and water seeds but he would bring the growth. He would build the Church.

When we are tempted to be successful in the eyes of the world or even the Church we must be reminded of Christ’ mandate. He builds the Church. 

We chose LIFE CITY CHURCH, to become a church that is unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus name, people who do not conform to the pattern and principles of this world, a people that truly believe in being light in the darkness, a city set on a hill, love in the midst of hate, truth in the midst of falsehood, sacrifice in the midst of selfishness.

Life City Vision:
 Life City is a dynamic, Spirit led church fully engaged in the mission of impacting this city with the power & hope of Jesus. 

Life City Mission: 
To be a city on a hill that shines the light of Jesus into every corner of our community.